Is there interpersonal conflict in your team or organisation? Are there power struggles, personality clashes, blame games, lack of communication, misunderstandings between colleagues? Work Conflict Mediation can help achieve a win-win resolution for all parties involved.


Compared to other forms of conflict resolution in the workplace, mediation has the following advantages for the individual disputants:

  • Helps avoid lengthy formal procedures and investigations
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • No blame or judgement
  • Confidential and safe process
  • Disputants are in control of the outcome
  • Encourages win/win solutions
  • Helps improve problem-solving and communication skills

The disputants' team and organisation as a whole can benefit from the use of independent mediation in the following ways:

  • Cost- and time-effective
  • Reduces sickness and absence
  • Can be set up promptly
  • Reduces complaints, grievances and litigation
  • Helps retain experienced staff
  • Improves employee morale
  • Enhances communication within the team
  • Improves work quality and productivity
  • Enhances creativity and problem solving
  • Helps maintain and enhance the reputation of the employer
  • Retains the option for formal procedures where required

For more information, visit the Work Conflict Mediation website.

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