Unleash Your Writing Power

Unleash Your Writing Power is an inspirational, fun and practical 2-day course for new and aspiring writers, also suitable for those with more experience.

Dates: Sat-Sun 5-6 March 2016
Venue: Mind Matters, Unit 2, Woodend Mill, Manchester Rd, Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester OL5 9RR
Course fee: £159 (concessions may be available if you are on low income)
Course website: http://www.unleashyourwritingpower.com/about-courses/unleash-your-writing-power/
Bookings and enquiries about course content: tel. 01625 439000, email unleash@judigoodwintraining.com
Organiser: tel. 07887 617558 masha@practicalhappiness.co.uk, 07887 617558
Join our FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/937222253037914/

This is not a course about sentence construction or correct use of grammar and punctuation. But if you want to write fluently, with the ability to convince and persuade, this workshop may be for you.

The techniques are part personal development and part writing skills and the focus is to help you connect with yourself. Until you do that, how can you connect with others?

The exercises are short, spontaneous, different and fun. They are designed to encourage improved co-ordination between the heart and the head, or the left brain and right brain.

We look at ‘writing from the heart’ to convey our commitment, passion and sense of purpose. In writing from the heart we enrol the hearts of others. But you can’t fake it. And this is why the workshop can be quite challenging. The course calls on people to make an adjustment, consciously or unconsciously, to let go of what is expected and conventional in order to make space for more spontaneity and creativity.

You will learn how to:

  • Make writing an enjoyable, fun experience
  • Write with increased fluency and ease
  • Gain confidence and avoid writer’s block
  • Write as naturally as you speak
  • Structure your writing effectively
  • Write powerfully and persuasively
  • Improve pace, readability and style
  • Communicate from the heart and the head
  • Inspire and motivate your readers.

Who should come on the course?

The techniques can be applied to writing stories, editorial features, novels, family history, business communications, letters, reports, diaries or journals, or even a best seller. Suitable for beginners and experienced writers.

Come and discover skills you never realised you have!

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