What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, yet safe and gentle therapeutic approach when handled by an experienced and trained professional.

Very different from stage hypnosis, a healing hypnotherapeutic trance should be a pleasant, relaxing and safe experience. Hypnosis works by allowing you to access deeper, subconscious resources of your mind, that are not always easily accessible in our everyday waking life, and is suitable for both adults and children.


Please note that I use hypnotherapy only as part of integrative therapy approach and not as a stand alone therapy.

Choosing Your Hypnotherapist

If you are based too far away from Manchester area/High Peak to travel for appointments with me, I may be able to suggest a good hypnotherapist in your area – please feel free to get in touch.

Hypnotherapy is not a state regulated profession in the UK, and the standards of training and qualifications vary widely – e.g. some people begin to practise after attending just a week long course without any requirement to undertake any assessment or exam, and others complete a demanding Masters-level programme over a period of 4 years. So it is wise to do some research before choosing your hypnotherapist.

I suggest to ask the following questions:

  • What are your qualifications in hypnotherapy / other therapies?
  • How long was your training course?
  • Which professional bodies are you a member of?
  • Are you insured to practise hypnotherapy?
  • How long have you been practising hypnotherapy for?
  • Do you do stage hypnosis? (most reputable hypnotherapy organisations forbid their members to practise stage hypnosis as it is considered unethical and sometimes dangerous, and incompatible with the use of hypnotherapy as a healing tool)
  • Do you have clinical supervision? (whilst this is not a legal requirement, most reputable hypnotherapists will undertake regular clinical supervision/consultation with another experienced therapist, or peer supervision with a group of fellow therapists)

If your prospective therapist is reluctant or unable to answer the above questions – or answers in a way that gives you any doubt about their level of training and professionalism –  I would strongly recommend that you seek another hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy for children and young people

It is essential that any hypnotherapist working with children and young people has the appropriate experience, training and insurance to treat this client group. One of the UK’s leading child hypnotherapists and trainers Lynda Hudson provides a directory of therapists whom she trained in working with children.