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EFT Practitioner's  Handbook of Addictions, Self-Harm & Eating Disorders

This 40 page, A5 format practical handbook is aimed at all EFT practitioners who are interested in working with these complex client groups, and gives a detailed account of the most important aspects of work with Addictions, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. It offers advice on safety, efficacy of different EFT approaches and specialist knowledge required to deal with the complexities of these issues. The Handbook assumes prior EFT knowledge and experience at the level equivalent to at least AAMET Level 1 training, and is likely to be especially beneficial for Level 2 Practitioners.

All profits from the sale of the Handbook between September 2012 and April 2013 will go towards the Sri Lanka Counselling Training Project.


"The handbook is fantastic, I just read all of it in one go.... It's enlightening and makes sense, and I know I will use it so much! Now I have so many ideas going around my head for all the different clients I am working with." (Amanda, Senior Eating Disorders Practitioner & Registered Mental Nurse).

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My Personal Peace & Abundance Workbook

This unique workbook offers you a beautifully illustrated A4 format journal for your healing and personal development journey. Based on the principles of the EFT Personal Peace Procedure as well as helping to develop your hopes and dreams into well-formed goals, the workbook, supplied in electronic format, will offer you a flexibility of printing out particular sections that you wish to work on.

My Personal Peace & Abundance Workbook (ISBN 978-0-9571902-0-7) is available as an eBook only in the first instance. For more information click here, or you can order your copy straight away through the PayPal Cart.

All profits from sale of the Workbook between September 2012 and April 2013 will go towards Sri Lanka Counselling Training Project.


"The My Personal Peace and Abundance Workbook is a truly valuable tool for those wishing to create structure with ease in their self-help with tapping.
It is designed in such a way as to assist the user with helpful suggestions, easy guidelines to follow and delightful pictures to inspire along the way. I am thrilled with my purchase and look forward to many wonderful tapping times ahead."
(Pauline Swanson, Queensland, Australia)


EFT: Tapping Into New Solutions, introducing the potential applications of this therapeutic tool in the field of addictions, in the January-February 2009 issue of the Addiction Today journal.

EFT in Crisis Situations - examples of how practitioners around used EFT in a variety of emergency situations here

Getting all our parts working together - on combining EFT with "parts work" or "parts negotiation" here

EFT and Metaphor Create a Transformational Healing Experience here (Spanish version available here)

EFT Client & Practitioner Safety Tips - for working with trauma, dissociation and complex issues here

The Lady Who Couldn't Sing - surprising result of indirect tapping with a skeptical client here

Getting beyond a 30 year fear of needles in 15 minutes here (Spanish version available here)

The Case of Suicidal Woman on a Balcony here

A number of articles on various aspects of health, wellbeing as well as some random subjects can be found on my blog

I am honoured to have contributed to a groundbreaking manual for enhancing mental health and wellbeing by Dr Mike Smith and Marion Aslan (2007), The THRIVE Approach to Mental Health & Wellness, ISBN-10 0955646103. My contribution was to write a section on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), just one of the numerous self-help, self-development and healing approaches described in the book. The book is available through Mike's and Marion's website,, as well as through Amazon Books.


In my "past life" I was a botanist and horticulturist, and have written a number of articles on gardening, reports on botanical expeditions, and a horticultural reference book, Pulmonarias & the Borage Family, which was published in 2003 by B.T.Batsford in the UK and by Timber Press in the USA.

It is is available from Amazon books:

Some quotes from reviews:

"Timber Press has produced many fine works on horticulture and botany, but of the many which this reviewer has handled for Plant Science Bulletin or simply read for his own interest, this is far and away the finest." — Plant Science Bulletin, 50(1) 2004

"The author's enthusiasm is catching and detailed." — Marty Figley, Home Town Life, July 2004

"An exhaustive treatment of the plant family that includes such varied plants as comfrey, forget-me-nots, and heliotrope, with more than 100 striking color photos from all corners of the globe, Pulmonarias and the Borage Family, by Masha Bennett, is a testament to the author's research travels. " — The American Gardener April 2004

"Serious plantspeople will treasure this book…it is the only book available on the subject." - Patricia A. Taylor, The Times (Trenton, NJ)

"It is a very good book and one all keen gardeners should have in their library." - John E. Bryan, John E. Bryan Gardening Newsletter

"…I was delighted to find that this book now exists…including enough lovely coloured photographs to send you into a wild state of plant lust." - Dorothy Rodal, Bulletin, Hardy Plant Society of Oregon

"This is a valuable taxonomic work." —Taxon, August 2003

"Bennett presents the information for each genus and species in a precise scientific format. Yet, she lightens the text–and adds a wonderful element of subjectivity (and occasionally humor) – by quoting a number of well-known garden writers." —Pacific Horticulture, Oct/Nov/Dec 2003

I have also contributed material on the Boraginaceae family for the award-winning Royal Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Perennials, published in 2006 by Dorling Kindersley (