Codes of Ethics

My Personal Code of Ethics

  1. I will choose the shortest, gentlest and most effective route to helping you achieve your goals, to the best of my knowledge, skills and ability.
  2. If I feel that I am unable to help you, for whatever reason, I will do my best to refer you to an appropriate source of help.
  3. I will operate a flexible scale of fees and will endeavour to make sure that my help is affordable for everyone who needs it.
  4. I will maintain confidentiality of everything discussed in the sessions, unless the information you give me suggests a risk of serious harm to yourself or others. (You can opt for "content-free" sessions, where you do not need to discuss or describe your past or present experiences.)
  5. I will not make judgements or criticisms, or tell you to "get the grip". I will strive to help you re-discover your inner resources and strengths, and to remind you what a beautiful and unique human being you are.

I also strive to work to the Codes of Ethics of the professional organisations to which I belong as a member. These are available on the websites:





For your peace of mind, the following documents are available for inspection:

  • Evidence of my training & qualifications
  • Certificate of Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance
  • Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificate