Client feedback

A few examples of client feedback (used with permission):

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I began seeing Masha as I was generally very ill. She enabled me to help myself using a less rigid and more creative therapy - compared to what I had tried on the NHS. For me, there is no quick fix, but without Masha - I wonder if I ever would have coped. I am now more healthy than I ever thought I could be, and I am sure that Masha's calm, her resourcefulness and sense of humour enabled me to accept my situation and live life to the full.


Masha took me from the depths of despair to a much happier place. She made me cry (much needed) and made me roar with laughter. She made me put everything into perspective, made me stop worrying about the small stuff and made me capable of dealing with the tough stuff. I realised my potential and today and every day I am grateful for her support and care. How she achieved this in so short a time was truly amazing. Thank you Masha, you changed my life and I am a better, happier and more capable person because I met you.

Mother of a 4 year old boy

I have no words to thank you for helping us finally grasp what my son is going through... I finally felt able to empathise with him and to think of ways to respond in a positive way to his aggression and his difficult behaviour. Earlier I had been feeling resentment towards my son as I did not know why he was acting like that... Also, after our session I tried the "magic buttons" and I was really surprised to feel instant dissipation of my tension! Thank you so much


Masha is a very warm and empathic therapist and lovely to work with. I have been surprised at how effective the sand play therapy has been. As well as being very creative and enjoyable to work with it has brought unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface - a real surprise. The sessions have brought real clarity to areas that were at the back of my mind so that I have been able to explore them further. A real eye-opener! Very simple, creative and powerful.


I didn't even realise it but all of a sudden I noticed some very big differences in my life and how I feel about things. I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me


After having had several sandplay sessions with Masha, I can honestly say that the results were outstanding. Masha is a warm, friendly therapist and I would highly recommend her services, and particularly, the sand play.


When I went to see Masha I was extremely anxious but she put me at ease straight away. I went to see Masha because I had several ‘problems’ running around in my head, all of which, no matter how hard I tried I could not resolve. I was going in circles, and I knew I needed help.

Masha is non- judgemental and relaxes you in such a way you just want to unburden yourself, Masha used several methods to help me and each session was different, depending on what mood I was in and how Masha felt she could best help me.

I know for a fact that it is so hard to take that first step, but I can honestly say that if you do you won’t be disappointed.


It won’t work, you know!” - That’s what I told Masha when she offered to help me overcome my flying phobia, - “but go on, I’ll humour you”.

How wrong I was. Not having flown - through choice because of fear - for 12 years, I was not exactly looking forward to my birthday “treat” of a weekend in Amsterdam. Masha offered me EFT, which, I was convinced even driving to Heathrow Airport, hadn’t done a thing. To my incredible surprise and delight despite a two hour delay in take-off I actually found myself enjoying the experience. True, flying will never be my favourite pastime, but with Masha’s help and belief, the world is, as they say, my oyster, and I am actually looking forward to my next flight.

I’ve tried hypnosis, sedatives, alcohol, and even tried a flying lesson myself - all to no avail.

I still don’t know what Masha has done but, whatever it is, well, it works for me. All I can say is “Thank you”.

J., senior manager

Just a quick note to let you know all went well with the public speaking yesterday. I can't say it was the world's greatest delivery - but certainly better than I ever could have expected. Trusted colleagues gave honest feedback, and said they were amazed as I looked as if I had been doing it for years.

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