Below are the comments from some of the previous participants of Masha's EFT trainings:

"I found the content of the training so practical and easy to apply in my work. The support it offers our clients is amazing, simple to learn and so beneficial for so many of the issues that they struggle with. My hope is that EFT will soon become a mainstream intervention, as it offers an amazing self support tool for our clients. They love it. It's great for the staff too!"

Tony O'Connor

Drugs Worker, Wirral

"I love your teaching style, which appears very calm and laid-back but is packed with information and thought-provoking ideas. You have a wonderfully professional approach but it is wrapped in such friendliness that it immediately draws the group together and creates a feeling of safety. I learned many more EFT approaches, which I'm now using in my practice to good effect. I particularly appreciate its use with trauma and look forward to helping my trauma clients even more. I was already a convert to EFT, but since your course I can see new ways of developing its use for myself and my clients."

Sian Schofield

Hypnotherapist & Counsellor, Manchester

"What a fantastic two day training on EFT level 2. I thought level 1 was brilliant but level 2 was absolutely outstanding. Never before have I experienced such great training that not only shows you how to use my newly learned skills but also how to use them and put them in to action. I love how EFT is so easy to use and how quickly staff and young people find it so easy to pick up and use it straight away. Although my main role is in substance misuse, I've also used this with young people who have been having panic attacks and for relaxation, as well as with cravings."

Christy Lynch

Liverpool Youth Offending Service Substance Misuse Team
"I waited for two days before contacting you, to see if I was suffering from euphoria. I wasn't. I would like to thank you for two of the most interesting days I have spent in learning. Your attitude and delivery differ from any others I have seen... You brought the concept of EFT to life. Before I understood it but now I can explain it to others."

Zvi Friedmann

Physiotherapist, Israel

"Excellent delivery - plenty of time allocated for practice and questions".


Drug Worker

“Fun, lively and my energy rose dramatically as a result during the day".


Psychotherapist & Supervisor

"The trainer was very positive, very supportive, lots of experience and knowledge, course went really quickly and I really enjoyed it!”.

Jo Beckett

Alcohol Counsellor, Manchester
"I can see so much potential, feel I can resolve many personal issues and use it in my work with clients and students... Want to do more!"


Therapist & Teacher
“Trainer was excellent - funny, enthusiastic, informed!“


Complementary Therapist
"Very enjoyable and informative workshop, delivered in a relaxed way. A lot of information packed in."


“The trainer was very natural and flowing, very knowledgeable, putting everyone at ease – and very diplomatic on difficult questions/issues!”

Dr Kate Sparks

Chartered Psychologist, Manchester

“I would without doubt recommend Masha Bennett, she is brilliant, funny and very, very practical – one of the best trainers I have come across – and I know a few… It was the first course in 20 years that I stayed till the end for!”

Dr Mike Smith

Psychiatric Nurse, Psychotherapist & Trainer, Warrington

“I have attended several of Masha’s courses and workshops and they have always been informative and professionally presented whilst remaining entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Masha’s training style is warm, open and humorous; she creates an inclusive and welcoming environment and enables excellent group rapport, with her course members forming some of the most friendly and open groups that I’ve had the pleasure to learn with.”


NLP Coach & Therapist
“An inspirational course, thank you!”


“Easy to follow and understand concepts and instructions; Masha’s approach is informal and friendly, yet professional.. She created a safe environment for us all… Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Trainer & Therapist
“I really liked the demonstrations Masha did with the participants. When you see her working, it looks really simple”


Consultant, Moscow
"I am really looking forward to the level 2, as EFT is amazing and most fantastically, it works."


Hypnotherapist, Leeds
“I was a bit wary as to whether I would be suited for the EFT course and if I could use it realistically in the prison where I work. After about 10 minutes I felt at ease and could already see how introducing this technique into the prison is going to benefit not only the prisoners but staff as well. I can now enjoy the benefits EFT can bring for me, by becoming more balanced with the stresses that life and my job brings. The training was relaxed, humorous and current for today’s issues. Within prison’s there can be a number of serious incidents that need addressing such as self-harm, substance misuse and assaults, and through the training I have been introduced to a tool to help address these areas of concern. The great advantages of EFT are that it is transferable; the client can take it away and practice on themselves. On a personal note I would like to thank Masha for making me feel so welcome, she is a brilliant trainer and I so look forward to the post course support and any further training."

Brian Byrne

Prison Custody Officer, HMP Altcourse, Liverpool
"EFT for Addictions is an excellent course and Masha is a very competent trainer who delivers the course well. Although I have worked in the addiction field for many years I still learned a lot from the two-day training and the content and materials were superb. I have witnessed some very quick changes within my clients because of what I have learned on this course and I would thoroughly recommend this training if you are looking for an effective intervention to help your clients."

Tom Smith

Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & Supervisor, Bournemouth
“The trainer was elegant, articulate, fun, highly responsive, massively informed”

Michael Mallows

Psychotherapist & Supervisor, London

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