Children’s issues


“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” (Peggy O’Mara)
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What help is available?

Please note that my practice is full and am not able to accept new clients for psychotherapy at the moment.

I offer the following help for children and adolescents:

(1) Integrative treatment of anxiety and specific phobias (fear of the dark, fear of dogs and other animals etc) with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Therapy for uncomplicated phobias and some simpler forms of anxiety usually takes no more than 2-3 sessions – though if the fear issues are more complex and extensive they may require longer treatment.

(2) Treatment of trauma with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Comprehensive Resource Model, and Therapeutic Play from a few sessions for a single incident or shock, to long-term treatment for complex cases.

(3) Treatment of emotional and behavioural difficulties through Therapeutic Play (including Sandplay Therapy), Comprehensive Resource Model, and Hypnotherapy. Depending on the individual child and the level of complexity, treatment typically lasts 6 to 12 sessions for mild problems, though can be significantly longer for more challenging problems and issues. This type of therapy allows a child to express and process their feelings and experiences in symbolic form through play, in a safe, gentle and non-intrusive way. Therapeutic play may take various forms, including art & craft, storytelling, music, movement, puppets and sandplay.


Therapeutic Play can help children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties, including:


  • Adapting to changes within family or school
  • Anger problems
  • Attention difficulties
  • Behavioural problems at home or at school
  • Bullying other children or being bullied
  • Confidence & self-esteem issues
  • Coping with parental separation
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Difficulties with making or keeping friends
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Nightmares and sleep disturbance
  • Overcoming aftermath of abuse or other trauma
  • Under-achievement at school


With the child’s and parent’s consent I may also incorporate Animal Assisted Therapy, involving one or more of my pets to assist the child with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Counselling is also available for adolescents and young people, either face-to-face or online (via instant messaging).

Enquiring about therapy for your child

Please note that my therapy practice is currently fully booked up, and I am unable to accept new clients.

Feel free to contact me for a confidential informal chat via phone 07887 617558 or email, we can discuss your concerns and decide on the best course of action. When enquiring about therapy for your child, it would be useful if you download and complete the Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire which will help decide what type of approach and what length of treatment would be most appropriate. Parents, teachers, SENCOs and other professionals wishing to refer a child for treatment can download the Referral Form here.

A written consent will be required from the parent or guardian before the treatment can commence.

I currently offer reduced cost treatment for children and adolescents (£50 per session, instead of the standard £80), and further discounts are available to families on low income.

In addition to seeing your child, I am able to offer individual support to parents, to help you manage your own emotions and any difficulties relating to child’s behaviour. (See Appointments for further information.)


Why choose me as a therapist for your child?

My experience with children and young people stems from working as a therapist in a residential children’s home and in a child trauma centre, my work with drug-dependent young offenders in a prison setting, treating children in my private psychotherapy practice, and voluntary work as a play therapist in a primary school.  Between 2012 and 2013 I have also volunteered as an online counsellor for Beat Bullying, an award-winning UK charity that supports and empowers children and young people to stand up against bullying in all its forms, and in 2015-2016 have been working as an online child counsellor/psychotherapist for Xenzone Ltd. Between January and early April 2013 I volunteered in Sri Lanka, teaching trauma counselling in areas affected by 30 years of civil war and 2004 tsunami, where I also taught groups of children self-help tools for reducing stress and anxiety.

I have completed two years of advanced level post-qualifying training in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy with the Northern Guild for Psychotherapy (attended as CPD, portfolio not submitted) and specialist training on working with trauma and dissociation in children with Dr Renee Marks of Integrate Families. I have undertaken postgraduate-level modules in Therapeutic Play with the Canterbury Christ Church University / The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (2010-2011) as well as the Professional Development Award in Creative Therapy with Stockport College of Higher & Further Education (2005-2006), and have been undertaking further training in Sandplay Therapy with Temenos Learning Centre and with the Association for Integrative Sandplay Therapists, plus training in Therapeutic Art with the latter association. Additionally I have completed the EMDR Europe accredited training in using Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing specifically for treating trauma in children and young people, specialised CPD workshops in hypnotherapy for children with Lynda Hudson, and also training in Animal Assisted Interventions in Therapeutic Practice with SCAS.

I undertake regular clinical supervision with an experienced psychotherapy supervisor and hold an up-to-date Enhanced DBS (former CRB) Certificate.

Useful downloads

Child Referral Form

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Sources of information & support

Kooth Free online counselling and support for young people.

Barnardo’s Support for vulnerable children; information and support on child protection issues.

Childline Online and telephone support and counselling for children; information and support on child protection issues.

Bullying UK Support and information on bullying, including cyber bullying.

Family Lives Support for parents and families (Formerly Parentline Plus)

Gingerbread Support, information and advice for single parents.

British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) Information and training on play therapy; therapist register.

Play Therapy UK  Information and training on play therapy.

Action for Children Support for children and families.

Rainbow Trust Emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

The Donkey Sanctuary Support for children with disabilities and special needs through donkey-assisted therapeutic activities.

Stop It Now Information and support on preventing child sexual abuse.