On 28-29th January 2012 the annual EFT Community Gathering, will take place in York at the Royal York Hotel, organised by EFT Master Gwyneth Moss and a dedicated team of helpers. It will be a fantastic weekend packed full with inspirational presentations from some of the most experienced and innovative EFT practitioners in the country. These fantastic events are a great value, and I always leave them full of ideas and enthusiasm, inspired and re-conneted. Hope to see you there! Apart from the main two-day event which is bound to be amazing, there is also a fabulous selection of pre- and post-conference workshops on Friday and Monday.


I will be teaching a post-conference workshop on Monday 30th January, on EFT for Addictions and Eating Disorders. This course assumes prior knowledge of the basics of the standard EFT procedure, and costs only £65 for the whole day of advanced EFT applications and approaches! You can also see me at the Mentoring Panel on Sunday, with Bennie Naude and Shoshana Garfield.

For further information, detailed conference programme and bookings visit the main Gathering website www.eftevents.com. For details of pre- and post-conference workshops, please see below. You can also listen to the audio recording of Jessica Mór's presentation from the Gathering 2011 - it is inspirational, enlightening and moving.

Heather Smiles & Gwyneth Moss - Surrogate EFT Workshop
Friday 27th January 10am to 5pm - £65

Heather Smiles EFT Practitioner, Riding Instructor and Gwyneth Moss EFT Master teach you through stories, demonstrations and practical exercises a simple three step approach to distant healing with EFT surrogate tapping. Learn how to tap on yourself to offer distant healing to animals, children and adults. Learn how to tap for others ethically and safely and how to easily find the words. Websites: Heather Smiles and Gwyneth's EFT for Animals page.

Jessica Mór - The Courage to be Present
Friday 27th January 10am to 5pm - £65

Having tapped herself through severe anxiety, depression and dissociation to come to a place of healing and resolution, Jess would like to share what worked with you. Jess has found that compassionate and courageous use of clean EFT language, together with imagination, is all that is needed to remain present through pain and thereby watch it transform. Jessica's website: Jessica Mor

Frances Goodall - Living From the Heart
Friday 27th January 2pm to 5pm - £30

Lets build a safe, warm, creative space to explore emotions, to learn to trust and to open to love in our daily lives. A real challenge in the hurley-burley of day-to-day existence. In this afternoon Frances combines EFT with heart opening meditations. Practices which help us navigate tough times with deep courage and celebrate the good times with gratitude. Bring more love into your life, and to your friends, family and clients. Frances' website: Frances Goodall

Bennie Naude - Releasing Shame and Guilt
Monday 30th January 10am to 5pm - £65

Guilt and shame kills creativity, dreams and relationships. It also kills people. Unless you deal with it, it will deal with you. If you don’t recognise it in your clients you’ll wonder why you’re going around in circles, stuck and frustrated. Don’t release your own and it will get in the way of your life and get in the way of the way you work with clients; guaranteed. Learn safe and effective ways to let it go, for yourself and others. Bennie's website: Bennie Naude


Masha Bennett - EFT for Eating Disorders & Addictions
Monday 30th January 10am to 5pm - £65

We all have to eat and to eat sensibly but control can get out of control and leave no choice. Addictive behaviour takes away our choices, destroys health and damages relationships. Masha Bennett has a wealth of experience inside and outside the NHS and in this day she gives you an insight into addictive behavour and effective tools for change, choice and hope. Masha's website: Masha Bennett

Course content will include:

  • Eating Disorders & Addictions "Pie" - aspects to pay attention to in addictive & compulsive issues.
  • The Cycle of Change and how to deal with clients in denial and ambivalent clients.
  • Exploring addictive Cravings and Urges to elicit deeper meaning and core issues.
  • Working with Internal Conflict - eliciting Personality Parts, negotiation and mediation
  • Using Magic Bears, drawings and other props in work with Addictions and Eating Disorders.
  • Working safely with traumatised clients.
  • Diagnostic criteria for Eating Disorders & Substance Dependency.
  • and much more!!!

To download the workshop handout, including course content and guidelines on EFT applications for Eating Disorders and Addictions, click here.

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