Sandplay Coaching

Sandplay Coaching was developed from Sandplay Therapy and is a powerful and transformation approach for professional and personal development through the use of symbol and metaphor in a three-dimensional space of a sandtray.

Sandplay Coaching differs from Sandplay Therapy in the following ways:

Similarly to Sandplay Therapy, Sandplay Coaching is a creative and transformational process, helping develop your intuition, self-awareness, confidence and problem-solving ability.

Who is it for?

Sandplay Coaching is recommended for leaders, managers, professionals who wish to enhance their self-awareness and gain insight and understanding on issues in their work and career, identifying stuck points and finding constructive solutions to move forward.

This type of coaching suitable for people with any type of sensory preference (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) or learning style (reflectors, activists, pragmatists or theorists).

What can I get from it?

Sandplay Coaching can help you with:


Standard Sandplay Coaching fee is £125 per one hour session. For a limited time only, whilst I am still developing this unique approach, I am able to offer these sessions at a minimal rate of £35.