EFT over the phone

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy and coaching can be very effective over the phone, so if you are not able to attend an appointment in person, or want to save time on travelling, you may find this option very convenient. You can relax in the comfort of your home or office as I guide you through this simple method that typically brings significant relief for many types of problems.

Once you have learnt the EFT procedure (and one session is enough to grasp the basic technique), you will be able to use it on your own as a self-help tool, to continue gaining freedom from anxieties and fears, overcoming self-doubt, getting relief from pains and aches, taking control of your life.

For an initial enquiry about telephone appointments, please email me at and I will send you a Client Questionnaire which I will ask you to complete before our first consultation.

When we have arranged the date and time of the first appointment, you will need to ring me on my landline number +44 (0)1457 238 550. The telephone session would normally last about 1 hour, but can be adjusted according to your needs. Payment for the telephone session can be made by cheque, through PayPal or BACS transfer.

At the moment I do not offer sessions via Skype as the speed of internet connection is a little slow in my area.

You can download a free EFT chart from the Documents & Downloads page on this website.