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Posted by Masha (masha6) on Aug 20 2014 at 12:35 PM
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Andrew Austin is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary trainers, therapists and authors I have ever met. His Metaphors of Movement training has profoundly influenced the way I work with clients, and you have an opportunity to learn from Andrew himself on his next workshop in Mossley, Greater Manchester, on 26-29 March 2015. For full details or to book your place visit the Metaphors of Movement training page

I have studied therapeutic use of metaphor and have been practising a range of metaphor-based approaches, including Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, stories and metaphors of Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Sandplay Therapy and other creative therapies, over many years. Learning about Metaphors of Movement with Andrew has opened completely new doors for my own self-development as well as for my psychotherapy practice.

This four-day intensive Metaphors of Movement training will take place at Mind Matters, Woodend Mill, Mossley, and will cover:

Part 1. Metaphors of Movement and Motion

Part 2. Metaphors of Emotion and Container Metaphors

Part 3. Emotional Injury and Relationships

Part 4. Therapy, symbolism and dreams

To book your place on this transformational and unique workshop go to Metaphors of Movement training page.