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Posted by Masha (masha6) on Feb 09 2012 at 9:54 PM
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This is a new and exciting development - in June 2012 I will be running a 4-day Emotional Freedom Techniques Retreat, Embrace Your True Self with EFT, in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece, the setting for Gerald Durrell's wonderful book My Family and Other Animals.

Who is it for?

This EFT Retreat is for YOU - if you wish to re-connect with your true inner self, appreciate yourself deeply, stop the internal fighting, banish self-blame, find deeper meening and purpose, as well as expand your EFT knowledge and skills both professionally and for personal development and self-healing. Some basic understanding and experience of the EFT procedure is a pre-requisite. If you are not sure about your level of experience, please get in touch with Masha to enquire.

What are the benefits?

* Take your EFT knowledge and skills to a new level in a breathtaking setting.
* Experience deep level of healing with the help of advanced EFT approaches and additional therapeutic methodologies.
* Stop the internal fighting and self-sabotage, learn to embrace and accept all parts of yourself and get them to work as a team.
* Re-connect with yourself, your true meaning and purpose.
* Combine learning, self-discovery and healing with a relaxing holiday break on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands.

EFT Retreat Programme

The provisional retreat programme will be as follows:

Wednesday 30th or Thursday 31st

Arrival, pick up at the airport
Check into hotel
Free time

Friday 1st June

Arrival & check into hotel (for late arrivals)
Morning - Individual sessions with Masha (where booked)
Afternoon - free time
Evening - Introductory group session with Masha

Saturday 2nd June

Morning - Embrace Your True Self with EFT - Retreat session 1
Afternoon - Embrace Your True Self with EFT - Retreat session 2
Evening - rest and leisure

Sunday 3rd June

Morning - Embrace Your True Self with EFT - Retreat session 3
Afternoon - Embrace Your True Self with EFT - Retreat session 4
Evening - rest and leisure

Monday 4th June (UK bank holiday)

Morning - Embrace Your True Self with EFT - Retreat session 5, Closure
Afternoon - rest and leisure, individual sessions with Masha (where booked)
Evening - group meeting for dinner

Tuesday 5th June

Free time
Individual sessions with Masha (where booked)

Wednesday 6th or Thursday 5th June


Format of the retreat group sessions: teaching and demonstrations by Masha, EFT sessions with individual participants and group Borowing Benefits; use of props such as drawings, healing toys etc; sound and music combined with EFT; there will be plentiful opportunities for questions and requests. The main focus of the retreat will be of embracing, accepting, validating yourself and all parts of you; discovering the true beauty and power of your inner being; clarifying your purpose and mission.

For further details and bookings, click here.