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Posted by Masha (masha6) on Feb 26 2013 at 6:42 PM
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An innovative treatment programme for high blood pressure will be available from April 2013. Hypnotension is based on hypnotherapy, cognitive techniques and behavioural approaches, and aims to address emotional, psychological and lifestyle factors that contribute to and maintain raised blood pressure. Masha Bennett is a Certified Hypnotension Practitioner and will offer 1/2 price sessions to clients starting their Hypnotension treatment between April and July 2013.

Today, one in three adults in the UK suffers with high blood pressure and half of those people are unaware of it.

High blood pressure can affect anyone at any age, so regular medical check-ups are very important. Over 90% of sufferers are diagnosed with the so-called primary, or essential hypertension, where the medical causes of the high blood pressure are unknown. The Hypnotension programme is designed specially for people with primary hypertension and aims to help get the raised blood pressure under control and even significantly reduce it.

Paul Howard, spokesman for Hypnotension programme says 'Hypnotension works by tackling the lifestyle factors that maintain high blood pressure. Doctors in the NHS simply do not have the resources to tackle them effectively.'

Some of the possible lifestyle changes which can help normalise blood pressure:

If you don't want to struggle on your own and would like professional help, you can take advantage of special half-price offer for Hypnotension treatment and contact Masha for more information or to book your first appointment,


Hypnotension: high blood pressure