What help is available?

I offer treatment for a wide range of addictive issues, including alcohol and drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction, as well as self-harm and other forms of addictions and compulsions. I have over 15 years of experience of working with addicts, including several years within the criminal justice system. I was a drug treatment manager at one of the women's prisons in England in 2004-06, and have developed and facilitated a number drug/alcohol rehabilitation projects over the years.

Appointments are available at my clinics in Glossop, High Peak (Derbyshire) or in Mossley (Lancashire) - both venues are around 30 minutes drive or a train ride from the centre of Manchester. Online and telephone consultations may be available subject to suitability - please enquire.

Sources of information and support

* 12 step self-help programmes are marked with one star

** Organisations offering residential rehabilitation are marked with two stars.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction
Alcohol Concern   
Alcoholics Anonymous* (A.A)  
Cocaine Anonymous* (C.A.)  
Crossroads Antigua**
Crystal Meth Anonymous* (C.M.A)  
Marijuana Anonymous* (M.A.)  
Narcotics Anonymous* (N.A.),
Phoenix Futures**
Turning Point
Tobacco Addiction
NHS Stop Smoking Service 
Can Stop Smoking (Scotland)
Nicotine Anonymous* (N.A.)  

Gambling Addiction 
Debtors Anonymous* (D.A.)  
Gamblers Anonymous* (G.A.),,
Gordon House**   

Eating Disorders
National Centre for Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa & Associated (Eating) Disorders* (ANAD)  
Overeaters Anonymous*,  

Family Support & Co-dependency
Adult Children of Alcoholics* (ACOA)
Al-Anon/ Alateen*,
Co-Dependents Anonymous* (CODA)
Co-Dependents of Sex Addicts* (COSA)  

Sexual Addiction
Sex Addicts Anonymous* (SAA)
Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous* (SLAA)
Sexaholics Anonymous* (SA)

Self-help resources
Wired In - Online community for people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, their families and friends, as well as addiction practitioners
EFT Universe - main EFT website with free self-help information and numerous articles and case studies on topic of addiction
Uncommon Forum - a psychology and self-help forum with a popular thread on Addictions

Recommended books & DVDs
If you buy any of the books or DVDs through the links below it will result in me receiving a small commission from Amazon. This will help fund discounted treatment for people who cannot afford to pay the full fee.