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EFT Practitioner's Handbook of Addictions, Self-Harm & Eating Disorders

Price: £2.95
Description: This 40 page handbook aimed at EFT Practitioners gives a detailed account of the most important aspects of work with Addictions, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. CONTENT: Introduction * The Cycle of Change * Should we insist on abstinence? * Safety first – before you start tapping! * Adjusting the Set-up phrase * Working with cravings and urges * Working with pain and physical Issues * Everyday stress & emotional management * Triggers and high-risk situations * Trauma & post-traumatic stress * Dealing with dissociation * Client’s “Scripts” * Limiting and negative beliefs * Fear, sadness, anger * Client who is overwhelmed or in crisis * Working with internal conflict * Client resistance or denial * Lapse & Relapse * Creative approaches * Supportive therapies