My Personal Peace and Abundance Workbook

This unique workbook has been created specially to support you on your healing and personal development journey, and is a beautifully illustrated A4 format journal. Based on the principles of the EFT Personal Peace Procedure as well as helping to bring your hopes and dreams to reality through the Abundance Worksheets, the workbook, supplied as an electronic document, will offer you the flexibility of either printing out the whole book or indivudal sections that you may choose to work on at your own pace. You can order your copy now through the PayPal Cart on this website, or read on to find out more.

All profits from sale of the Workbook between September 2012 and April 2013 will go to support the Sri Lanka Counselling Training Project.

The workbook assumes some basic familiarity with the standard EFT procedure.

Content includes:

* Commitment Statement

* Introduction to the Workbook

* Abundance Worksheets (36 pages) for twelve major life domains: Love & Intimate Relationships; Work & Career; Money & Material Abundance; Learning & Self Development; Home & Environment; Family Relationships; Friends & Social Relationships; Fun & Leisure; Spirituality & Connection; Creativity; Health & Self-care; Changing the World

* Personal Peace Diary (52 weeks over 104 pages) including one EFT Tip and an inspirational quote for every week of the year

* Appendix with EFT links and resources

* Approximately 70 beautiful colour photos to stimulate and inspire you

"The My Personal Peace and Abundance Workbook is a truly valuable tool for those wishing to create structure with ease in their self-help with tapping. It is designed in such a way as to assist the user with helpful suggestions, easy guidelines to follow and delightful pictures to inspire along the way. I am thrilled with my purchase and look forward to many wonderful tapping times ahead." (Pauline Swanson, Queensland, Australia)

"This workbook is brilliant and the sort of thing every EFT student and possibly the committed personal development client would benefit immensly from." (Barbara Saph, EFT Trainer

My Personal Peace & Abundance Workbook (ISBN 978-0-9571902-0-7) is initially available as an eBook only (PDF format) and costs £7.95. Order your copy through the PayPal cart.

By purchasing your own copy of the Workbook in electronic format, you gain the right to share it with and print extra copies for the members of your immediate family.

The eBook will be delivered into your inbox within 24 hours of order.

If you are an EFT Practitioner and are working, or would like to work, with complex issues such as addictions, compulsions and eating problems, you may also be interested in the EFT Practitioner's Handbook of Addictions, Self-harm & Eating Disorders.