I offer the following services to organisations UK-wide and, in some circumstances, internationally.

Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Independent Workplace Mediation - conflict resolution between individuals and teams, enhancing interpersonal relationships and communication. Contact me for a free initial assessment.

In-house Training

All EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) training courses are AAMET certified. Introductory, Practitioner-level and Advanced-level training available.  

Other training courses:

Medico-legal work


I offer supervision, mentoring and support to mental health professionals and addiction practitioners, as well as specialised supervision to hypnotherapists and EFT Practitioners.

Corporate Stress Management

Staff Therapy & Coaching

Feedback on previous training events/workshops:

“The trainer was very natural and flowing, very knowledgeable, putting everyone at ease – and very diplomatic on difficult questions/issues!” (Dr Kate Sparks, Chartered Psychologist, Manchester)

“I would without doubt recommend Masha Bennett, she is brilliant, funny and very, very practical – one of the best trainers I have come across – and I know a few… It was the first course in 20 years that I stayed till the end for!” (Dr Mike Smith, Psychotherapist & Trainer, Warrington)

“I have attended several of Masha’s courses and workshops and they have always been informative and professionally presented whilst remaining entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Masha’s training style is warm, open and humorous; she creates an inclusive and welcoming environment and enables excellent group rapport, with her course members forming some of the most friendly and open groups that I’ve had the pleasure to learn with.” (Steven, NLP Coach & Therapist)

"The trainer was very positive, very supportive, lots of experience and knowledge, course went really quickly and I really enjoyed it!” (Jo Beckett, Alcohol Counsellor, Manchester)

"I love your teaching style, which appears very calm and laid-back but is packed with information and thought-provoking ideas. You have a wonderfully professional approach but it is wrapped in such friendliness that it immediately draws the group together and creates a feeling of safety." (Sian, Hypnotherapist, Manchester)

"I would like to thank you for two of the most interesting days I have spent in learning. Your attitude and delivery differ from any others I have seen..." (Zvi Friedmann, Physiotherapist, Israel)

"Excellent delivery - plenty of time allocated for practice and questions" (Julie, Drug Worker)

“An inspirational course, thank you!” (Isobel, Counsellor)

“The trainer was elegant, articulate, fun, highly responsive, massively informed” (Michael Mallows, Psychotherapist & Supervisor, London)